So many people are dry and thirsty and desperately seeking something to bring relief. They run themselves ragged seeking promotion, success, and the approval of others, and all it does is leave them feeling tired, empty, and…dehydrated. But God is the wellspring of life that is ready to overflow into your life when you run to Him. He wants us to come to Him when we are thirsty and drink from His well, because He is the only one who can truly satisfy the longings of our hearts.

Unearth an oasis in the presence of God
Drawing from the New Testament story of the woman at the well, this book will show readers how to continually visit the well with Jesus so they can have continual freedom, joy, and peace. The Bible says that we are to produce fruit in season and out of season. We can only do that if our roots grow deep enough to reach the life-giving water and store up that water regardless of whether or not we are in a season of drought.