Dehydrated is a word that invokes many associations... I can remember going to Hot Springs, AK as a kid and playing some outdoor pickup basketball. Being from Nor Cal, I wasn't ready for the heat combined with the Jurassic Park humidity of the Deep South. While playing I was sweating and beginning to hyper-ventilate and eventually passed out. Next thing I knew my relatives were resuscitating me and pouring water in my mouth (face, nose and Afro)  and I can remember how desperately thirsty & unbelievably satisfying the drink was. That water fountain seemed divine and I was preconditioned with unprecedented desperation.

Conditions prior to historic revivals have always been desperate. The graver the times the more positioned & primed a people are for a resuscitation and their epic "drink". History confirms without exception, the depth of barrenness prior to a move of God is commensurate to the degree of your outpouring.  Today both the World we live in and the churches we go to, are equally desperate while both sides may not realize either the severity or the solution.


​Karen Schatzline has released this incredible heartfelt written "flashpoint" that you hold in your hands. She has prophetically put her finger on the pulse of a coming move of the Spirit.

I've had the Lord speak to me that He was opening the encounter realm (making encounters with Heaven more readily available) in this season. That it would revive the basic follower of Christ and awaken the run of the mill secular heart.  "Dehydrated" hits this theme head on and brings both personal insights, biblical truths and practical principle that will propel you into your encounter. I was both spiritually inspired and infused page after page. Karen takes you into both the mindset of the Woman at the Well, the Mind of Christ and connects the dots of your journey. Her unique style of heartfelt transparency and seasoned experiences take you from your immovable deficit to your imminent destiny. Karen and her husband Pat are Generals that have been through the battles and know the private wars people are fighting and have laid hold of the timeless weaponry and the eternal wisdom that will launch you into a fresh encounter and a mighty personal outpouring. There are exploits that are awaiting the average believer and nations waiting to be impacted by the spiritual tsunami that will be triggered by dehydrated that found their well.  I can confidently recommend this book and Author to you. Get ready for your drink!
Sean Smith, @RevSeanSmith, Author of "I Am Your Sign" & "Prophetic Evangelism"

In this book, Dehydrated, she addresses the story of the Samaritan woman at the well.  This lady had a past and a present, yet Jesus, the Master and Lord of all, took the time to speak to her of a water that could saturate to the point she would never thirst again.  This water gives life more abundant, no matter how far you have strayed, no matter your past and no matter your current situation.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey this book is for you.  Set those distracting items aside, direct your attention to the teaching and sharing of real life stories in Karen’s writings, and get ready to experience the powerful presence of the Almighty.
Joni Lamb/Co-founder, Daystar Television Network

How many times do we have that same conversation with those around us, “I’m so tired, busy, overextended, overscheduled, and we too feel the same way?  The demands of every day life take a toll on our physical bodies, mental clarity and our relationships and leave us feeling there is no time to stop for the refreshment we need from the Word of God and His presence.

Karen Schatzline recognizes this lack of nourishment and invites us to experience the presence of God for the first time---or again, for those who already know how powerful the saturating atmosphere can soothe even the driest of souls.

As we have visited with Pat and Karen Schatzline over the past years, I have loved their passion to stand up for truth, to press in and invite their listeners to experience change and not just share empty words of instruction.  Karen’s delivery in sermon along with God’s powerful anointing can bring a chorus of weeping throughout the crowd reflecting their desire for something more from the heavenly realm.