​"Pat and Karen Schatzline are a Power Couple! They are uniquely gifted and they have become gifts to The Body of Christ. They are impacting this generation without compromise. They are truly awakening a generation for God" 
Pastor John Kilpatrick, Pastor and author, Church of His Presence, Daphne, AL  

“There is nothing worse in life than loving God with all of your heart but then struggling to find the strength and motivation to live for Him daily. Karen Schatzline has generously shared the details of her journey to remind us all that God never designed us to function and operate in our human strength alone. We are instead created to be wholly dependent on Him and to practice a lifestyle of daily infilling of His grace, mercy, strength, power and love. Without our daily “fill” of His Presence through fresh and intimate encounters, we quickly discover the great in-built limitations of our humanity and inevitably lose our joy. This book instills hope that no matter what spiritual condition you find yourself in today, Jesus is waiting to saturate and re-hydrate you with living water!”
Russell Evans, Pastor and Author, Planetshakers Church, Australia back of book quote

"If you are ready to discover a place of refreshing, life giving water that will replenish and restore the life that you desire, get Dehydrated!  Karen's inspirational message will lift you into new hope, joy and peace for your journey."
Dawn Raley, Co-Pastor, Calvary Church, Ormond Beach, FL back of book quote

“Dehydration in our physical bodies can be very dangerous!!! Spiritual dehydration can be even more dangerous!!! Spiritual dehydration's symptoms show up as, hopelessness, shame, guilt, fears, addictions, negative thinking, unworthiness, thirsting for truth, weaknesses, anxiety.....etc. God has given Karen revelatory and life-changing insight that can set you free from spiritual dehydration and put on the road to recovery, spiritual healing, and a new beginning. This book is a spiritual fountain that will rehydrate your spiritual life to new levels.” 
Al Brice Jr., Sr. Pastor, Covenant Love Church, Fayetteville, NC back of book quote

“In "Dehydrated", Karen Schatzline brings us back to the Source - the One who offers not just any water, but the Living Water; the One who is not just a physician, but the Great Physician. The One who came so that we not only have life, but have it more abundantly. And the abundant life is the heart of this book. The God who healed still heals today, and the God who offered hope is still restoring hearts today. Drink deep from the well, and finish strong!”
Daphne Yang, Deputy Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore back of book quote

“Karen Schatzline is a voice to this generation. Her heart to see fresh encounters with the presence of God explodes through the pages of this book. Beware: after reading you will never deny your thirst again!”
Joel Stockstill, Evangelist and Prophetic Voice, Dallas, TX back of book quote

"Many are believers, few become seekers.  We sleep walk our way through life redeemed, yet never revived from our slumber. This book not only exposes toxic thinking patterns that prevent us from receiving His life giving power, but also unearths the benefits of a life spent in intimacy with the Father." 
Christy Johnson, Co-Pastor, Fearless Church, Los Angeles, CA back of book quote

Our generation has sadly exchanged the real "Jesus at the well" for cheap counterfeits that promise living water, but leave us dangerously parched. The Holy Spirit speaks through Karen Schatzline in "DEHYDRATED" to lead us back to the well where a loving Savior patiently waits to give us a drink. Drinking from Jesus will replenish our spirits so that the seeds planted in the garden of our lives can flourish abundantly in every area. As you read this book, I pray that you respond to the call of the Lord to come and drink. He loves you more than you know!
Joann Rosario Condrey, Pastor of RainFire Church and International Worship Leader, Douglasville, GA  back of book quote

Karen is a warrior. She knows what it's like to go through times of deep sorrow and struggle. Yet, she has risen above it all because of her deep root system with Jesus. This book will do the same for you!  It will enable your roots to go deep and you will never be the same.
Deborah Berteau, Co-Pastor, The House Modesto, Modesto, CA back of book quote

"Dehydrated" truly captures the heartbeat of the Lord, desirous to give living water to all who thirst. Each chapter is an encouragement to rise up and allow the water of the Word and living waters of the Holy Spirit to quench, refresh, and overflow to and through every dehydrated soul so they may thirst no more!”
Anne Spitsbergen, Co-Lead Pastor, Abiding Place, San Diego, California

“Are you desiring to go to a new place of encounter with God? Are you thirsty for a fresh drink from His well? Are you desperate for more of His Presence? This book,"Dehydrated", by Karen Schatzline, will take you to that place! It's a place where God is waiting for you!  It's a place of intimacy, a place of refreshing, a place of suddenly finding yourself in His throne room with His love surrounding you. Karen Schatzline is one of the most amazing woman of God I know! Her life epitomizes the love and character of God. In this book, "Dehydrated", she unveils great revelation to all of those who are wanting to know God more intimately and great hope to all those who are discouraged! Let "Dehydrated" take you on a journey into the secret place with Him.

Let it inspire you to become all that God wants you to become. Let it cause you to walk more securely in all that God has planned and destined for your life!  This book will do just that... "Yet who knows whether you have come into the Kingdom for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14”
Kathie Thomas, Co-Pastor, Victory Christian Center, Youngstown, Ohio

“Have you ever just wanted something "more" to quench your thirst because what you were drinking wasn't working, wasn't satisfying, wasn't enough!  You needed to "soak" your thirst with more. Karen Schatzline's book, Dehyrdrated is that good "soak" that you are needing to satisfy your spiritual thirst with God!  It will lead you to that place to drink and get soaked in His Presence and Glory!  It will take you to a higher place in your hungry for His Power.  It will leave you changed and yet challenged to keep pursuing Him for more of that living water that quenches your spiritual want.”
Phyllis Sawyer, Co-Lead Pastor, Calvary Assembly of God, Decatur, AL

Karen Schatzline's timely book "Dehydrated" couldn't be more appropriately titled. Just as even mild dehydration drains our energy and makes us tired; so neglect of spiritual hydration are marked by indications of decrease in our soul's zeal and stamina. Karen's candid diagnostic of a languishing church offers a viable prognosis if we will return to the well of His presence and drink deeply. These pages are filled with fountains of refreshing truths that will instantly revitalize the thirsty...and you'll never have to thirst again.
Tava Brice, Co-Pastor, Covenant Love Church, Fayetteville, NC

I have known Karen Schatzline for over 15 years. If there is one phrase that would describe her it is: “God-gifted encourager.”  We need voices such as this in the Body of Christ today that can speak to shame, guilt and fear and cause it to turn into confidence, freedom and faith!  Karen does so in this book “Dehydrated”.  If you have ever longed for a deeper relationship with Jesus that has substance and not shallowness, you will enjoy reading “Dehydrated”.  You will become a more effective disciple of the Lord as you read with a heart that is open to change. 
Kim Owens, Co-Lead Pastor, Fresh Start Church, Peoria, AZ

“Karen’s own personal candid and transparent experience is recanted in this powerful book.  For those who may be hurting, discouraged, or those who are simply hungry for more of Him; they will find a sense of hope within these pages.  We have all been “dehydrated” at some point and Karen offers powerful insight to get us to the one true living “well.” 
Michelle Jones, Co-Lead Pastor, Trinity Assembly of God, Deltona, FL

"Karen Schatzline brings fresh insight and inspiration to the body of Christ for the much needed drink of living water, prepare to be refreshed."
Leslie Crandall, Senior Associate Overseer, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Redding CA

“Please don't put this book down!  The word that Karen Schatzline is bringing forth to all of us is desperately needed.  You will experience a true encounter with your Abba Father as you drink from His fountain through "Dehydrated".  This book is going to bring life and freedom to the multitudes.”
Kristi Schatzline, Co-Pastor, Daystar Family Church, Northport, AL

“Most of us view dehydration as just a simple lack of not drinking enough water but in reality being dehydrated, when serious enough, can lead to death.  In her new book on this subject Karen carefully and thoroughly explains what happens when we become spiritually dehydrated. Like the physical symptoms of confusion and dizziness, far too many in the Body of Christ find themselves in this condition.  This is a must read for 2015.”
Deanna Dutton, Co-Lead Pastor, Without Walls Church, Mesa, Arizona

“Hope...life...second wind...cleansing. All words I feel as I read what God has poured into Karen for this dry and discouraged generation. Karen's words are not filled with fluff or clichés but laced with grace and experience from a woman who knows what it is to need a drink from Heaven. Enjoy!” 
Jonna Gibson, Co-lead Pastor, Mercy Gate Church, Mount Belvieu, Texas

“We've all faced times of spiritual thirst, times of desperately seeking the renewal only drinking from God's presence can bring. His presence brings hope and peace. His presence brings freedom and joy. Karen Schatzline's book Dehydrated is a must read for us who are thirsty.”
Jinny Force, Pen Florida Assemblies of God District Youth Director's wife, mentor to teen girls and youth pastors' wives

“If you have ever felt spiritually dehydrated, this book is for you. Karen does an outstanding job in presenting hope to a lost and thirsty world throughout these pages. I love the personal touches Karen puts on this book as she shares from her own experiences, her family and her ministry. As you begin this journey, I pray you will savor each page as a good cold drink of water on a hot summer day. Let it seep into your spirit, renew and refresh you, and cause you to walk away with a new perspective of what God has in store for you.”
Rese Moore, West Florida District Women’s Ministries Director, & Superintendent’s Wife

“We all have become thirsty at one time or another. Whether we are exercising, working, or just sitting around. Thirst can only be satisfied by hydrating our bodies.  In this book Karen has so beautifully outlined ways to hydrate our lives with God our Father.  We have all become dry and thirsty for the things of God but can’t seem to find the right solution and Karen has given us the solutions to cure our dehydration and stay hydrated so we can be what God has called us to be. This book will challenge you like no other book you have read to grasp a hold of the things of God so you will not fall into the devils schemes of becoming dehydrated.  So give yourself a spiritual IV by reading this book. Stay hydrated my friends.”
Gary Sapp, National Youth Representative, One Child Matters

"Karen Schatzline is a forward thinker and an amazing communicator!  Her new book DEHYDRATED will quench the thirst and longing of anyone wanting to grow closer to God.  I highly recommend her message of inspiration and hope!"
Deborah Price Horton, Co-Lead Pastor, Brownsville Assembly of God, Pensacola, FL

“An invigorating word infused with effervescent hope for the wasted and vacant! In this book, Karen effectively portrays the Father's desire to bring healing and refreshing waters to the broken and thirsty. These pages are infused with an effervescent hope that the "God of Encounters" is ardently waiting to pour Himself upon the despondent and vacant heart, and effectively portrays His desire to quench the thirst of the wasted and destitute of spirit…”
Tiffany Ivey, Co-Lead Pastor, Christ Alive Church, Newton, NC

“Human beings are able to go forty days without food before damage occurs to the body, but only three days without water.  Just as water is vital to our physical bodies, the water of God’s spirit is vital to our souls.  We see the effects of a thirsty generation and of the Psalm 42 deer panting for water all around.  I am so excited about how the new book “Dehydrated” by my friend Karen Schatzline is going to satisfy thirsty souls and refresh the dreams of a prophetic generation.”
Jay Stewart, Founding/Lead Pastor – The Refuge.net/JayStewart.tv

“I’d be hard-pressed to find a voice as pure and authentic as Karen Schatzline’s; and I praise God for her obedience as a mentor to an entire generation. With Dehydrated, she extends her refreshingly honest style to print. From beginning to end, you’ll be captivated by her personal stories and life lessons, which infuse you with the hope, purpose and passion that you so desperately crave. Truly, Dehydrated is a launching point for your destiny!
Kyle Winkler, Founder, Kyle Winkler Ministries, Author, Silence Satan, www.kylewinkler.org

"Karen Schatzline's book, "Dehydrated," is for every person experiencing life's challenging, unpredictable and draining effects! Karen shows us the secret to our survival and success begins and ends with a personal well-spring of God presence.

Her writing is reflective and empowering and will inspire every reader to initiate a passionate pursuit to drink deeply and be filled to the fullness with His living waters!"    
Carmen Lett, Co-Pastor, New Destiny International Church, St. Petersburg, FL & Life Coach, WholenessLifeCoach.com 

“Karen has done it again! Dehydrated is a word that people need to grasp ahold of.  This book has the power to reach in speak life to those who have lost all hope.  What a great reminder that He is only a whisper away if we will open ourselves up and be ready for an encounter with God.”
Cyndi Draughon, Woman's Director of AL Assemblies of God, Superintendent’s wife

“When one looks at the physical symptoms of dehydration, you can draw spiritual parallels to our daily experience. Increase thirst compares with the spirit yearning to be refreshed by God. Dry mouth alludes to the in effectiveness of speaking positive, edifying words & a mouth filled with complaint. Tiredness & sleepiness alludes to spiritual unrest & a lack of joy & energy to do God's will & works. Decreased urine output & abnormal color speaks of a decline in the person's ability & desire to repent of sin & wastefulness in life. Headaches can be likened to confusion & the pain of recurring memories while dizziness speaks of inability to discern God's will & walk steadfastly. Few or no tears is the lack of passion for the lost & personal hopelessness.” Karen Schatzline's "Dehydrated" is a masterpiece of describing the spiritual dehydration & lack of personal intimacy of the vast majority of people today, both Christian & non- Christian. It is an accurate portrayal of people letting down their "buckets" filled with problems, hurts, fears, and insecurities but failing to draw & drink the life giving waters of Jesus, and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. "Dehydration" is a powerful answer to the problems of inferiority, mediocrity, and weariness with life as a whole & is written in an entertaining, easy to read style with many personal & life application stories by a gifted woman of God with much experience as a wife, mother, and evangelist. I highly endorse & recommend "Dehydration" as a source of personal & spiritual refreshment & as a tool for discipleship. 
David Garcia, Lead Pastor, Grace World Outreach Church, Brooksville, Florida and author of "Portrait Of A Powerful Last Day Christian” “Sex in Dating”

“Karen is a woman that I greatly admire and respect. The Lord has amplified her voice in a very crucial hour of desperation to the hurting, discouraged, lost, and "dehydrated". As you read through the pages of this book you will find yourself being refreshed, while being inspired. This book will guide you to the "Living Water" that is waiting for you at the Well.”
Michelle Montera, Evangelist, Mercy Seat Midwest, Springfield, MO

"I am about to do something new, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. (Isaiah 49:3 NLT) God's Word is our manna and the truth we stand upon. This scripture is a promise that He will do a new thing, He makes a new path, and He will create fresh water where life has become dry! Our lives are filled with pursuits and journeys that lead us at times in barren places. When we are trusting Him, He is directing our every step and sometimes it is that barren, desert place where we find Him in a way we have never known Him. Karen has beautifully and candidly taken us on her journey and allowed us to see a glimpse of what He has revealed to her. This book revives the Soul and refreshes the Spirit. This book, "Dehydrated", and Karen, are a gift to the Kingdom of God!
Pastor Leisa Nelson, The Rock Family Worship Center, Huntsville, AL